My favorite thing about the beauty industry is how it’s constantly growing and improving. The second you master something the next thing comes out. What I love about KEVIN.MURPHY ... or shall I say one of the many things I love, is the unique culture and need to be different. Everything they do has a reason and the details are everything.

With that being said, I truly believe that education is everything!  

Recently I flew to California for a three day intensive training. The second I walked into my hotel, a flood of stylists skated around. The amount of positive energy was overwhelming. I loved it! In a sea of hundreds of stylists I immediately recognized stylists from both the styling training and coloring training I completed. Then the three day intensive training began! 

I have to start with my favorite quote used all throughout the KEVIN.MURPHY company. “Never above you, never below you, always by your side” 

This sits close to home for me because I truly believe we are all just at different parts of our journey and what truly moves us closer to our dreams is working together and building people up. This leads us to the training. 

It was a mixture of extreme technical learning about the color line; techniques mixed with how to teach and inspire! I love how much they focused on how different people learn different ways. The best way to teach others is to master your craft and share by experience. 

Personally, my favorite part of training was learning advance color troubleshooting. The way the team explains the technology is fascinating. I cannot wait to share the knowledge to stylists on my team and across the Carolinas. 

After doing a few of these trainings, I’ve learned one big thing about myself. I do NOT like to sit still! So as we took short breaks throughout the training I would run outside and network with fellow stylists and entrepreneurs. It felt great to be around so many other passionate stylists and owners. We laughed, we cried, we shared formulas, business advice, and tips and tricks. I feel very blessed to have been educated and inspired by the best of the best. <3

Come on in and enjoy new balayage techniques, fun color formulas, and some great conversation.