Kate Kandel Salon & The ENVIRONMENT



Using eco heads at the Salon was an easy choice for us.  Their unique filtration-system saves water, doubles water pressure,  and generates negative ions to gives moisture back to the hair and give you a smoother end result.


With so many plastic coffee pods piling up in land fills, it was crucial that we find a coffee pod system that kept sustainability in mind.  We chose Nespresso coffee at the salon because they offer a fantastic recycling program with their aluminum pods.  

It didn't hurt that their coffee is absolutely delicious as well.

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KEVIN.MURPHY washes use only sulphate free surfactants that effectively cleanse and remove surface oil and dirt, without stripping or depleting the hair of its colour. AHA’s or fruit acids derived from Papaya, Citrus, and Sugar Cane gently exfoliate the hair surface without drying or depleting the hair. Natural surfactants from the Soap Bark Tree Quillaja and other plant-derived sources create a rich luxurious lather that moisturise and nourish the hair. Naturally sulphate and paraben free.