Spotlight on BreAnna Our Star Stylist | One Year In

BreAnna West One Year Anniversary at Kate Kandel Salon

Today we get to celebrate the 1 year anniversary of our star stylist BreAnna West joining the team at Kate Kandel Salon. Since starting our business, developing an amazing team has been our number one priority. The team at Kate Kandel Salon is the heart of our business and our brand.

We couldn’t be more happy to have BreAnna on the team. As we grow, we are excited for BreAnna to lead through her amazing example.

Three Things BreAnna Does that We Appreciate

  1. She listens. Communication is often the difference between a happy client and an unhappy client. Consultations are absolutely key to a happy client. BreAnna is great at listening to her clients, but she’s also great a listening to everyone around her including her team members. She takes direction and even criticism so nicely.

  2. She shows up without an ego - There is a saying that, “your ego will be the most expensive thing you ever own.” This is always at the forefront of our minds at Kate Kandel Salon. This industry is constantly evolving and changing and no one is ever done learning. Ego stops stylists in their tracks from growing. BreAnna is kicking butt at our salon. She has blossomed into an amazing stylist in the year we’ve had the honor of having her on our team. With her success she remains humble and is always looking to learn more. We are excited to see how BreAnna continues to blossom into a fantastic stylist.

  3. She applies her passion and hustle every day - There is a misconception that being hair stylist is an easy job. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. This is a tough business. Hair stylists wear so many different hats in a day. It take a lot of effort to constantly market yourself, to stand for 10 hours a day, constantly improve your skills and technical knowledge, while connecting with the people in your chair. BreAnna works very hard to evolve as a stylist and hone her passion

It’s important that you enjoy who you work with and we are always excited to see BreAnna at work. Happy first year work anniversary at Kate Kandel Salon, BreAnna!

Some of BreAnna’s Work


Want to learn more about BreAnna and see more of her work? Make sure to check out her instagram and give her a follow! @breannawesthair