How to Find Your Next Stylist

One of the more daunting tasks when moving to a new town or city is finding a new hair stylist. We have had more than one client drive numerous hours back to Greenville to visit us at the salon because they’re nervous to try someone new. We understand how overwhelming it can be, so we’ve put together our top tips for how to find and evaluate the best hair stylists in Greenville or anywhere!

  1. Get on Instagram. One of the best resources for finding a new stylist in the area is Instagram. It’s how a majority of our clients find out about us. Being such a visual platform its a great place to see their work and get some insight into their personality. Find some salons in the area and look at their images, and location tags ,etc.

  2. Search for local hashtags. Greenville is blessed to have a really great sense of community both on-line and offline. Some great hashtags for finding a stylist and seeing their work have sprung up. #yeahthatgreenville #greenvillehair #yeahthatgreenvillehair #thatsmygreenville #greenvillehairstylist #greenvillebalaage and #greenvillehairsalon are some of our favorites.

  3. Look for Quality Products - Professional salon quality products are a must for maintaining any color job or haircut. They keep your hair healthy and keep your color looking great longer. If these aren’t priorities of the salon or stylist, look elsewhere.

  4. Does their work illustrate what you’re looking for? Looking at the work they’ve posted, is it somewhere near what you’re looking for for yourself?

  5. Price - Price is an important factor. Most stylists will have their prices listed online. Most of the time these are starting points. Be sure to tell your stylist what your budget is and how much time you have to devote to maintaining your hair. They should be able to find a cut, color, and style that works with your budget and schedule.

  6. The Salon Website - If its easy to use and looks professional, you can usually expect a similar service at the salon.

  7. Don’t be afraid to ask for a consultation. If you have done your homework and think you’ve found your next stylist and are still nervous, ask for a consultation. Most stylists can usually fit this in throughout the day. If you’re happy with the consultation, then you can book your appointment. They may be able to fit you in the day of, but don’t assume this.

If you’re new to Greenville, Welcome! Its great. No really, it’s an awesome place to live.

Kate Kandel